Your B & Co Parcel Has Arrived!

Eco-Friendly mother Earth Sustainable packaging

 Packed with Love for your Little Loves and Mother Earth

Today I was blown away by a message from one of our customers about her experience in receiving a parcel from us. She shared and we quote,

"Our B & Co parcel arrived and I stared at the plain grey courier bag surprised that it wasn't one of those cute colourful ones with interesting prints, I peeled the plain tissue wrapper inside, no plastic in there! The message I got from your packaging was consistent with your minimalist branding and I thought that was just it! As I looked through your website again, I absentmindedly clicked on your Eco Promise statement and I realised the packaging was a statement from you: We would love for your kids to enjoy more what we have right now and that to me, was just amazing! I had to google R3pack and follow them too! What a beautiful commitment and I am all for it!"

This feedback totally came as a surprise to us as it veered away from the usual product review. We were so thrilled that our efforts of being kind to our planet has been noticed and appreciated! So let us walk you through how we pack your order and the products we use.

Once an order is confirmed, we prepare the products and compare them with a digital packing slip. We used to print packing slips but have deliberated against it for the simple reason that we would love to save more trees! Your invoice is also sent to your email. The only paper that goes inside is our little Thank You postcard which can be repurposed as a bookmark, a picture in a frame or however you deem fit! 

We then wrap your order in tissue wrapper to protect the fabric and ensure they arrive to you the way we have packed them. Tissue paper is a soft and feathery thin paper product made of recycled paper and/or wood pulp. This lightweight layer of packaging can also add a bit of excitement to opening parcels, don't you think? It feels more like unwrapping a gift rather than opening a parcel! If you haven't had the experience yet, head on to the checkout 😉! And just before you chuck them into the bin, please please please consider reusing them. There are so many practical ways you can recycle tissue paper packaging like using it as stuffing to preserve the shape of your boots, using it with cleaning or get creative with paper mache. 

We then use stickers from Stickerdot to seal the tissue paper wrapping and give life to our packaging while keeping the surprise in! We have been on the hunt for a printing company in NZ that is affordable (beating others' price by 5% and offering free delivery within NZ!), fast and of great quality. We are so thankful to the team at Stickerdot for assisting us with our printing needs. Yes, there is an actual person attending to our needs and guiding us through the whole process. We were so thrilled to receive our stickers kisscut as it made it so much easier to peel them off rather than having to pull out a big sheet of stickers! Our stickers are made of matte paper that is very easy to dispose of or repurpose just like any other paper. 

Finally, we put your order inside compostable/recycled courier bags and wait for our trusted courier driver from NZ Post to pick-up your parcel! Now these bags may be boring but inside it is something amazing and something that could truly spark joy! Mother Earth will thank you for supporting businesses that are kind to her and help preserve her beauty for future generations to enjoy. 🐝✨

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