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baby-proof baby-safe bendable flexible polarised sunglasses uv400

Exciting things are always happening at the B-hive and we're thrilled to launch our B & Co Eyewear!

Summer is here and we know that just as we want to protect our kids' skin from the harmful UV rays, we also want to the same with their vision. Our UV400 polarised sunglasses provide nearly 100% protection against the dreadful UV light rays, blocking up to 400 nanometres of UV wavelengths. We will have two variations of this, our flexible sunglasses designed to withstand the little explorer's bending, pulling and well... exploring hands, and our stylish retro Retro Sunnies in cute colours, as perfect match to our beautiful Summer Breeze Collection. 

The Retro Sunnies are available now, and the good news is the first 10 email subscribers will get one FREE if they buy at least $60 from any of our collection! The Flexible Baby Sunnies will be available (cross-fingers the shipment is not delayed) from next week.

Completing our eyewear collection is the Anti-Blue Light Eyeglasses. We know screen time is evil, but we also know sometimes we just can't help it! The world is moving into the digital age (or maybe, we're already there) and guess what? So are our kids! But fret not if you allow them some time with their gadgets, these glasses feature lenses with blue light filters that help reduce eye strain by increasing contrast on the screen. These are available for PRE-ORDER now.

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